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About the Registration Process

Our events are free and open to the public. You do not need to register if you only plan to attend. Just come out and have some fun! Artists and creators love an audience, so being an attendee brings lots of value to our events.

You only need to register if you’re going beyond the spectator role. Registration is required for most activities, such as karaoke, gaming tournaments, idol showcases, cosplay contests, talent shows, and many other interactive moments of fun. Registration is also required for all artists, vendors, panelists and performers. You must register online before the registration deadline for each event. You can register for each role using the links below, or from the event details page (which can be accessed from the Events listing page). Every event is unique and features different signup options.

Attendees, Participants and Volunteers

Here are the various ways in which you can be a part of Anime in the Park.


No registration required.

Come out and have a good time with us! Your eyes and ears empower all the creators who want to share their work. Dance, play, listen to panels, buy artwork, meet people, and have fun. This role is just as important as the others. There’s something magical about a group of people all holding a vibe that’s based on kindness, acceptance, and joy. Be a part of that and join as an attendee. No need to sign up for anything. Just show up. See you there!


Register as a Participant

Sign up for events and activities ahead of time if you want to participate. Performances like karaoke, lip syncing, idol showcases, talent shows and more require registration, as well as cosplay contests, trivia shows, gaming tournaments, and many other interactive moments of fun.


Register as a Volunteer

Help us curate a great vibe and keep things running smoothly. Sign up for a volunteer shift. Volunteering is fun too! You get to meet people and be a part of the show. If everyone chips in a little time and effort, the work will be easy.

Artists and Vendors

Artists and vendors may host booths at our events. Some venues allow sales/vending, while others do not. Please read the details for each unique event.

What’s the difference between an artist and a vendor? As a general rule of thumb, a vendor sells mostly resale items, while artists sell mostly their own work, including merchandise created from their art. Please register for the most appropriate classification, and reach out with any questions if you aren’t sure what to choose.

Artist and Vendor Survival Guide coming soon! These events are outdoors and require you to bring your own pop-up tent, tables and chairs.


Register as an Artist

Visual artists across all mediums can apply for a booth to showcase their artwork.


Register as a Vendor

Vendors, food trucks, and other commercial booths please use this application.

Panelists and Performers

Educators and entertainers can sign up to host panels and perform shows.


Register as a Panelist

Have great ideas to share? Want to curate a vibe or teach people something? Register to host a panel.


Register as a Performer

Singers, dancers, DJs and entertainers can apply to perform at our events, and accept invitations using these forms. If you’d like to nominate someone or request talent, please use the Contact page instead.