Anime in the Park brings art, music, and cosplay to public parks.

Our goal is to provide safe and fun environments for people with similar interests to meet and spend some quality time outside. We’re setting the stage for artists, cosplayers, dancers, DJs, flow artists, and everyone to shine. Uniting and uplifting communities is what we do, and Anime in the Park is how we do it.

Taylor Griffin @griffintaro cosplaying as Tighnari from Genshin Impact
Taylor Griffin @griffintaro cosplaying as Tighnari from Genshin Impact

Don’t let the word “anime” throw you off too much if that’s not really your style. Our events blossom out from there and are not restricted by anything. You will find many different styles of art, danceable music, fun activities, and all kinds of cool stuff you may not expect from nerds!

We will have a variety of activities to jump into, good music, local artists, and fresh air! Come out and touch grass with friends, meet new people, and soak up the good vibes!

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Would you like to showcase your art? Host a panel or activity? Perform? Volunteer?

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